Stage Control Systems

Theatre control systems installation must consider noise, heat, mains power supply, proximity to stage and operator as well as potential disturbance by on and off-stage traffic. Division of control between fly and floor systems must also be considered as must the daily management processes of stage crew, the numbers of crew and their skill levels.

Spaces for electrical and controls distribution are not always in ideal locations and open space seen on a plan can be misread by the inexperienced as ‘available space’ when in fact it is a dedicated technician working area. Experience helps us identify and situate our controls in the safest, most effective space for users.

Theatres and entertainment venues are heavily managed buildings with highly complex systems. Installations must only be carried out by experienced, qualified and specialist electrical experts.

Our control systems are safety critical and are situated in an environment of frequently moving heavy scenery and lighting, and among many moving people. Forensic attention to detail and risk assessment is critical when planning for successful installation.

We are highly experienced in the design, development and installation of theatre control systems and have many years’ experience in designing, installing and commissioning highly effective systems.

Close collaboration with each venue is critical in ensuring successful installations, as is understanding how BIM (Building Information Modelling) now impacts new venue design – identifying space for maintenance and future expansion.

Our installations range from small single-item system upgrades to complete turnkey theatre systems for large new constructions with complex interfaces of control consoles. We work with architects, engineers, consultants, directors and technicians to ensure our installations work for venue and stage crew, safely and effectively.

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