Theatre Automation Consultancy

We listen carefully, taking into account the venue architecture, artistic vision, performance goals, and budget, to help bring strategies to life. Our team is well-practised in identifying the challenges often inherent in older venues and developing tailor-made solutions that are safe, practical and highly effective.

As well as traditional theatre and performance venues, we work with businesses, clubs, local authorities, education establishments, and leisure and tourist attractions – so we understand the varied demands placed on stage automation systems, and the unique technical, commercial and operational needs of venues.

Whether we’re working directly with the venue or with architects or consultants, we collaborate with all stakeholders to understand project needs and current venue specifications. We believe that with a clear technical and creative approach, an existing venue ready for upgrade or refurbishment can achieve as much drama and impact with its productions as a brand-new development.

Our consultancy services include: feasibility study, venue development planning, theatre systems design, stage engineering, lift design advice, and safety inspections. Our strengths lie in our engineering know-how, our experience of the challenges faced by stage crew, and the impact that robust theatre systems can have on the long-term effectiveness of venues.

Our consultants regularly interact with backstage staff and have a clear understanding of what is required to support safe and fault-free performance. We stay on top of new concepts to ensure we offer the latest efficient technologies where appropriate, and innovate our own solutions that integrate efficient user design, intelligent engineering and IT to better support our clients.

Theatre shows, touring productions and provincial productions have become more opulent with the advent of stage automation in theatre. Doing more with less is now the norm to create theatrical impact on stage. Contact us to discuss how you can maximise the effectiveness of your venue – old or new – and create incredible experiences for your audiences.

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