The Great Hall Bishopsgate

The Great Hall Bishopsgate is a fully equipped conference and event space for up to 500 people. It boasts many beautiful design features and was refurbished in 2011.

This project was completed by Paul Clarke. He designed and installed:

Control systems for lighting grid hoists:

• Each hoist required two electronically synchronized motors.
• Encoder based synchronization.
• Electronic control of four lighting grid hoists.
• Mobile Touchscreen based hoist selection and operation.
• Full diagnostics shown on the touchscreen.

Window banner hoists:

• Ten off window banner hoists using basic open/close controls.
• Selection and operation from the same mobile touchscreen as the grid hoists.

ClientThe Great Hall BishopsgateServicesDesign, installationYear2011LocationLondon

Stage and Theatre Controls inside Bishopsgate Theatre
Bishops Gate Theatre
Theatre Controls